PSA: Killstreak Fabrication kits Do Not Accept Stranges, and Other Useful Information

There is currently a possible bug with the Killstreak Fabrication Kits (Specialized and Professional). You can apply Killstreak Kits to Strange Items, but you cannot use the results in the Upgrade kits. You can see an example below.

As you can see in these two screenshots, I have both a Strange Killstreak and a Unique Killstreak Direct Hit.



Strange Killstreak Direct Hit


Killstreak Direct Hit

When I try to use my Specialized Killstreak Direct Hit Fabricator, it does NOT accept the Strange Variation, only the Unique.


No Strange Option

This MAY be intended, as the Killstreak Item used in the recipe is LOST upon craft. You can also use the Killstreak Weapon in ANY Fabrication kit. it is not limited to the original weapon used.


Direct Hit goes into Original


Also note that the Killstreak Path is not a direct one. You can take a Unique item without any Killstreak bonuses, and use a Professional Kit right on it. If you want to upgrade an Existing Killstreak Weapon with a new kit, you first need to Restore (remove) the existing Killstreak application.

I hope this clarifies it for some people. Have fun, and Enjoy!

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  1. I’ve got a Specialized Killstreak Knife Kit Fabricator – and it won’t detect my strange knife as a valid input, nor will it recognize the stock knife, of which you can obviously only have one… I’m at a loss of what to do, so I’m assuming it’s a glitch? I mean, why shouldn’t it be able to accept stranges?

    • It would never recognize your stock knife as that is an item that is not in your backpack unless your have a dropped stock knife.

      • the Specialized Killstreak uses a killstreak wepon then it uses it to make a specialized killstreak, I know this because Ive done it so try that first (Remember does’nt matter what killstreak wepon) You should’ve read the first comment.

    • When you craft with chem sets and these it doesn’t disable item qualities like crafting from the backpack. These are supposed to search for any relevant ingredient regardless of quality. This is a glitch.

  2. There’s no bug. You just need to add ANY weapon with normal killstreak applied on it. Then you will be able to aply the result to your strange weapon.

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